An approach to


Ana María González Martín
Imagen del libro Bilingual Education

An Approach to Bilingualism and Bilingual Education provides the reader with the tools s/he needs to enhance his/her future career as an English trained teacher in Spain’s bilingual schools.

This book encapsulates the key clues for best practicing in teaching in bilingual programmes: the concept of bilingualism and the cognitive processes affected by it; the increasing interest for learning and teaching in a second language in the Spanish education system and the organization of Spanish bilingual schools; the meaning of language competences and their appropriate development; and, finally, the most effective way of planning, assessing and evaluating a bilingual classroom.

This book comprises two modules on the fields of Linguistics, Bilingual Education and Educational Organization and Assessment elaborated by eleven experts in the mentioned areas. The first two sections set out the bases of bilingualism and bilingual education, and the other two sections provide a review on the best practices and strategies for effective teaching in bilingual programmes in the Spanish context, intently focusing on the CLIL methodology.

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